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Global Management Enterprise, LLC (Global), headquartered in Lake Charles, LA, was conceived to help businesses and industries find the skilled and motivated people they need to be competitive in today's global marketplace.

Global has the skills, experience, diversity, international relationships and technical infrastructure to meet the needs of a wide range of corporate, industrial, refinery/petrochemical, construction and hospitality company needs. Facing enormous workforce development challenges, businesses and industries are seeking short term solutions to address worker shortages. Yet at the same time these industries also need to develop long-term pipelines of potential workers preparing to enter the workforce with the necessary skills and training to help both themselves and the companies they work for succeed in today's demanding global environment.


Global not only takes the time to understand our clients' needs, but we work hard to get to know our associates' career goals. Understanding their interests and strengths allows us to place them in an environment in which they will thrive. This in turn provides better production and worker output for your company.

We demand excellence from prospective workers but we also provide competitive opportunities and a nurturing environment for renewed professional growth of our manpower resources through continual training and supplementary education.

We know that screening and testing are crucial to finding the most qualified candidates for our clients' businesses. By providing workforce solutions to your business or industry, we can contribute significantly to economic growth and the quality of life in our community.

Global screens its associates to find outstanding employees who best meet our clients' needs.

Global does E-Verify and criminal background checks on ALL potential hires. Global's consultants are knowledgeable industry professionals.

Global covers all employee cost, including payroll administration, unemployment insurance and claims management, federal, state, and local tax payment and filing worker compensation insurance and claim management, labor regulations and compliance and employment verification.


Global Management Enterprise, LLC

3226 Lake Street
Lake Charles, LA  70601

Telephone: 1-337-477-1862
Fax: 1-337-477-1863


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