Safety is Our Priority

Global Management Enterprise has established SAFETY AS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

Control of potential health and safety hazards and their elimination is our primary objective. We have managers and supervisory personnel at every level that are accountable and will implement and enforce both Global and industry safety policies and protocols that encourage employees to remain accident/incident free. Not only are our managers and supervisors on constant alert for unsafe practices and conditions, but our employees and associates are trained and consistently encouraged to look for and take action to eliminate such practices and conditions as well.

Global conducts regular safety meetings throughout each project and in turn requires every employee to accept personal responsibility to prevent injuries to themselves and others by following the safety policies and procedures outlined in this program. We regularly provide our employees with safety training courses designated to improve efficiency and create a safer work environment. In doing so, employees, families, the environment and the companies we work for all benefit.

All employees must observe our Health, Safety & Environmental policies, under the direction of management and with guidance from our supervisory personnel. Reducing incidents, accidents and related unnecessary losses will help us to be more competitive in our industry, thus helping to safeguard our jobs.

Global Management Enterprise is committed to:

  • Protect the health & safety of our employees and any other personnel who at any time may be affected by our activities.
  • Comply with relevant standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide high quality products and services to our clients.
  • Provide such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the staff through the usage of a training matrix. This matrix identifies relevant information necessary for safe productivity in specific job descriptions.
  • Provide adequate facilities for the welfare of the staff through the use of area checklists, internal audits, remedial action plans and feedback from the staff.
  • Safeguard the health and safety of visitors and any member of the general public who could be affected by our activities through a documented health and safety orientation.
  • Provide all necessary information related to health and safety through work instructions, management procedures, safety instructions, and technical bulletins.
  • Ensure that all staff is mindful of their health and safety responsibilities and that they co-operate with upper management in their efforts to fulfill this policy. Annual performance appraisals will be conducted with health and safety goals identified and documented on the appraisal sheet.
  • Review and amend this policy when necessary, particularly with respect to major changes within the company and/or changes in legislation. These changes will be brought to the attention of the staff through documented training sessions.
  • Identify potential risks and implement appropriate action(s) to reduce/eliminate the identified risks through job safety, environmental analysis, risk assessment, and subsequent remedial action plans.
  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Minimization of waste through substitution (where practicable), reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery.
  • Careful planning of each operation to identify potential areas of environmental impact and using best available technology to protect the environment.
  • Maintain categorized inventories of hazardous waste and the segregation, protection, and disposal of such waste according to local and/or international regulation.
  • Train all personnel on appropriate environmental issues according to their job description.
  • Inquiry as to environmental policies of our suppliers and the environmental acceptability of their products.


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