COVID-19 Safety

At Global Management Enterprise LLC we care about the health and safety of our employees, our clients and our community.

We have ramped up our COVID safety plan by coaching and training our employees on how to take prevention and reduce exposure in public places. It is critical to protect our employees so that we can better protect our clients. To do that, we take our employees' temperature daily, and they are provided hands-free sanitizer, masks and disposable gloves. We use EPA registered disinfectants to wipe down rooms and buildings completely.

Global Management Enterprise, LLC follows OSHA standards and is continually improving its services to the public. We are now pleased to offer new services of deep cleaning and disinfecting.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our clients, workers, community, partners, associates and friends for your continued support and commitment to public safety.


Dalia Matheus, CEO & President, Global Management Enterprise, LLC